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George P. Ackerman, M.D.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

A fractured ankle can range from a simple break in one bone, which may not prevent you from walking, to several fractures, which force your ankle out of place and severely limits your ability to put weight on it for three months.

While not always necessary, surgery for ankle fractures is not uncommon. The need for surgery depends on the appearance of the ankle joint and the type of ankle break. If the fracture is out of place, or if the ankle is unstable, surgery might be needed as alignment of the broken ankle is of utmost importance. Occasionally, surgery may be considered even if the fracture is not out of place. This is done to decrease the risk of the fracture not healing, and to allow you to start moving the ankle earlier. As with most fracture surgeries, different techniques can be used, including screws, plates and screws, or wiring.

Immediately after ankle fracture surgery, your ankle will be placed in a cast or a heavy-duty ankle brace. The immobility provided by the cast will allow your ankle to recover fully, without the risk of re-injury. You will need to limit the amount of weight placed on the ankle as putting weight on the injured ankle too soon could cause another fracture.

Once your ankle has healed, it is important that you follow your orders regarding recovery. A strict regimen of flexibility, range of motion, and strengthening exercises is essential in making a full recovery and limiting the risk of re-injury.

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